Measurements by fluorescence spectroscopy are subject to many more instrumental and physical variables than absorption measurements. Due to these effects, the same sample may not give identical results with different instruments even if they are of similar design. Physical effects such as quenching or self-absorption may lead to departures from expected concentration/emission relationships over quite narrow concentration ranges. For these reasons it may be impossible to produce universal “absolute” reference materials, as certified values may be instrument dependent. Provided homogeneity and stability can be established, however, reference materials can be produced that allow users to monitor the performance of a spectrofluorometer over time and can also indicate the relative performance of different instruments. Such references are referred to as “Reference Materials” (RMs) or Quality Control Materials (QCMs). Starna produce a range of such materials under the same tight quality control procedures as are applied to their CRMs. 

For the reasons outlined above, instrument qualification may only be valid for a particular instrument and within a relatively narrow range of operating parameters – indeed it can even be method specific. The references listed below will cater for many routine situations, but Starna can also design and supply fluorescence Reference Materials tailored to individual needs.  

Quinine Sulfate Solution References

used to calibrate the spectral response of a spectrofluorometer and as a linearity check. 

High Purity Water (Raman) Reference

used to determine the signal-to-noise ratio of a fluorescence spectrophotometer and hence its ultimate sensitivity. 

Doped Polymer Blocks (Starna SF Series)

spectral response references, traceable to NIST Fluorescence SRMs NEW! 

Europium III Phosphorescence Reference

used to confirm measurements of transient fluorescentsignals.  

Starna Rhodamine B Quantum Counter

used in fluorescence instrumentation for spectral correction 

Starna Quantum Yield Reference

used to determine the fluorescence quantum yield of a sample 

Doped Polymer Blocks (Starna 6BF Series)

for spectrofluorometer wavelength qualification andas a routine check of spectrofluorometer performance. 

Rare Earth Solution Cells

for spectrofluorometer wavelength qualification 

Doped Glass Microplate References

qualification of fluorescence-based plate readers for fluorescence intensity and well-to-well reproducibility NEW!