The Near-infrared region is normally considered to cover the wavelength range from 750 nm to 2500 nm, and Starna have developed reference materials for wavelength qualification in this region. A new , NIST traceable wavelength reference has also been developed for the Mid-infrared. 

NIR Wavelength Reference Solution Reference (900 – 2600 nm)


This Reference Material can be used to qualify the wavelength calibration, in the Near Infrared region of the spectrum of spectrophotometers in transmission mode  with spectral bandwidths of 5 nm or less.

Approximate peak wavelength values (in nm) are:
991, 1155, 1447,1652, 1693, 1861, 1948, 2060, 2111, 2248, 2353, 2373, 2385, 2536 


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NIR Transflectance Reference (900 – 2600 nm)

NIR Transflectance Reference 

This Reference Material is specially designed for the wavelength qualification of near infrared reflectance spectrophotometers over the range.

Approximate peak values are as stated for the transmission reference

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Near-and Mid-infrared Polystyrene References
(1.1µm to 18.5µm, 9000 cm-1 to 540 cm-1)


This popular reference material is now available as a NIST-traceable CRM covering wavelengths from 1.1µm to 18.5 µm (9000 cm-1 to 540 cm-1). A total of 20 peaks is available for wavelength qualification purposes.

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Some references used in the visible region have useful peaks in the NIR and are included here for information:

Didymium Glass Filter
(430 nm to 890 nm)

didymium glass

The Didymium (neodymium & praseodymium) Glass  filter  produces characteristic peaks in the  visible region of the spectrum, with 11 well-defined peaks  from  430 nm to 890 nm.

Approximate peak wavelength values (in nm) are:
431,473, 513, 529, 573, 585, 685, 741, 749, 807, 879.


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Didymium Oxide Solution
(290 – 870 nm)

 Didymium Oxide solution

The spectrum of didymium in  perchloric acid contains 14 peaks
 that can be certified for  wavelength, covering the range from
290 nm to 870 nm.
Approximate peak wavelength values (in nm) are:
298, 329, 354, 444, 469, 482, 512, 522, 576, 732, 740, 794, 799, 864


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