Specialist Ultraviolet and Infrared products for Industrial & Scientific applications

Mirrors - Flat, Spherical and Toroid

Toroid Mirror

Prisms - Right Angle, Corner Cube, Penta, Littrow, Dove, Equilateral and Wedge


Lenses - Plano Concave, Convex, Double Concave, Convex, Condenser, Cylindrical, Meniscus and Miniature


Beam Splitters Mirror and Cube

Beam Splitters

Filters Optical and Neutral Density

Coatings Metallic, Dielectric, Multi layer and Anti-reflection

Polka dot coating

Prisms, Lenses & Windows are available in: All Glass types, Fused Silica & Infrared Crystal
Quotations can be provided for quantity Custom production to customer specification.