User Guide

For an introduction to the application and use of Certified Reference Materials in absorption spectrophotometry


This Reference Material can be used to qualify the wavelength and absorbance scales of spectrophotometers in the deep ultra-violet region of the spectrum, between 190 nm and 230nm.

Description and Discussion

Qualifying a UV spectrophotometer in the deep UV presents particular problems, both in identifying a suitable reference material and in accommodating the variability in transmittance characteristics of UV grade quartz below 200nm. These problems have been overcome with this novel Reference Material by using innovative design and manufacturing protocols.

The Reference Material consists of a TS8* solution which has distinct absorption/transmission and peak characteristics in the deep UV, supplied together with a solvent blank in an identically matched pair of 10 mm far UV quartz cells. Each liquid is permanently heat-fused sealed into the cell.

The Reference Material is suitable for qualifying UV spectrophotometers in the range 190-230 nm. The reference is certified for absorbance qualification at approximately 191 nm, 209 nm and 226 nm. Nominal absorbance values are 1.2 A, 0.6 A and 1.0 A respectively.

*TS8 is a proprietary matrix with the necessary spectral characteristics and stability to be used as a reference material.

This reference is also certified for wavelength qualification, and to allow users flexibility in use the reference is supplied with certified wavelength and absorbance values at two different bandwidths, 1.0 nm and 5.0 m.

The peak wavelengths are first identified by a wavelength scan and verified as being within the expected wavelength tolerance, after which the absorbance values at these peak wavelengths are measured.

Note: The above values are for guidance only. The Calibration Certificate accompanying the reference gives actual values measured at bandwidths of 1.0 nm and 5.0 nm, and only these certified values should be used for instrument qualification.

Typical spectra




Catalogue Number


Nominal Wavelength and Absorbance Values

Catalogue  Number

191 nm

209 nm

226 nm


1.2 A

0.6 A